Researching and promoting "Impact investing" and "Environmentally friendly extractive business models" to empower neglected indigenous communities living in mineral rich countries.

Mineral commodities are essential to Humanity’s development. Humans depend heavily on the extractive (Mining) Industry to advance in technology, agriculture, environment, health and finance. Without the mineral extractive industry, humanity can’t develop further. There is ample space to create a transformative extractive and commodity sector oriented to social and environmental sustainability.

Most attractive unexplored mineral deposits lay under Indigenous Peoples land (Downing et Al, 2003). The main economic beneficiaries of mineral deposits are non-indigenous foreign mining enterprises. The United Nations permanent forum on Indigenous Issues (2004) estimates that there are more than 370 million Indigenous Peoples spread from 70 Countries around the world. Unfortunately, most of them live in poverty (Downing et Al, 2008).

There is a necessity to empower indigenous peoples to benefit from their mineral resources through integration in the capital and commodity markets on a micro level.

IMEF is a Hybrid Foundation initiative by César de la Cruz-Curril, established in 2013 with the purpose of researching and advocating “Impact Investing” and “Environmentally friendly extractiveBusiness Model” solutions to empower indigenous peoples in the extractive and commodity sector. We believe that mining can build a better world and unite communities, while still contributing with humanity’s development.

The Problematic: There is a mismatch between indigenous peoples and mineral wealth in the world. The negative impacts of mining are concentrated disproportionally on indigenous peoples. The problematic exists in industrialized and developing nations.

Our Mission: To empower indigenous peoples in the mining sector and integrate them on a micro level in the global commodity and capital markets sustainably.

Our Solution: Indigenous Mining Equity through impact investing, shared value and grass roots innovation movements.