The Members

We have a passion for building an altruistic legacy for generations to come and share our intellectual capital to build peace, restore dignity, reconcile communities and protect the environment.

César de la Cruz Curril, M.A.S. Finance. 

Project Initiator

(M.A.S. Finance Thesis: Indigenous Mining Equity: Challenges and Opportunities for Stakeholders).

P.H.D. Candidate: Peace Building with Impact Investing for Indigenous Peoples in light of the financial components of the Social Doctrine of the Catholic church and Pontifical Encyclicals. 

Angélica Maria Lopez Gladko, M.A.S. Environmental Sciences.

Project Co-Initiator

P.H.D. Candidate: Motivation and moral reasoning of the Owners of private nature reserves for conservation.

Accolades and Testimonials

IMEF was the winner of the "Social Impact Start Award" sponsored by the Impact Hub Zürich, SAP Switzerland and Social Impact Start Germany.

Zürich,September 2014.

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